In this section you will find information that is theoretical in nature and explain the basic concepts describing the computer rooms and data centers. They are especially important for new readers or practitioners as they provide in-depth information on objects such as server room or data center. At the same time, these entries are correct, despite the passage of time. That's why I want it to be easily and quickly accessible, without having to search the entire blog.

The view of the computers (servers) in cabinets  NeoSpire / Foter / CC BY

My goal in this part of the site is to familiarize the reader with the basic concepts step by step on server rooms and data centers. From the absolute basics, i.e. how does the server looks like, trough the computer room meaning , to the introduction to the construction of the data center.

In my opinion the scomputer rooms and data centers theme lies somewhere between IT and classical engineering construction. Unfortunately, information studies, even at technical universities, not spending more than one lecture (sometimes even the lack of) issues to ensure a suitable environment for a large number of IT equipment while driving principles of construction projects. On the other hand, well-trained and experienced builders and installers (I mean with a mandate to design and / or management of construction works) they have not come into contact with the device, server, which I must admit are quite specific (of course, each device has its own characteristics and compared to such as advanced heating furnace computer is nothing special ) require proper design and execution. Particularly large quantities of equipment much more complicated matter, and then it comes to experience design unit or a business executive.

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