Data center’s installations and systems

Server room and the entire data center for proper and safe operation requires the use of multiple installations and systems that ensure appropriate working conditions for IT equipment. A large number of such equipment requires a specific, very rare approach to design, the reasons for the unusual demands on the supply side (size and reliability), cooling (large amounts of heat generated by the device placed in a small area) or protection against fire (using harmless for hardware resources extinguishing). Quite a large number of different types of installation and data center systems performed in a relatively small room adds to its peculiar charm. Here is an illustration to prove my thesis.

Widok fragmentu serwerowni oraz części jej instalacji
The view of the computer room and its installations.

Key data center's installations and systems are:

  • Power supply - although commonplace in every building, it requires a different solution, enriched with the power guaranteed and reserved in the proper configuration and adequate to the needs solutions that eliminate the possibility of a loss of power.
  • Air-conditioning - a completely different requirements than standard cooling comfort, requires the use of specialized precision airconditioning - produced with a view to IT equipment - with the correct configuration of air circulation, etc.
  • Server cabinets - without their use and proper placement is difficult to imagine the organization and conquest of IT equipment located in the server room.
  • Structured cabling - for performing an easy way communication links between network and server devices working in the server room.
  • Security systems - protect the data center from unauthorized access to its premises or attempt to break.
  • Fire protection systems - specific for premises with sensitive devices for traditional extinguishing agent (water, powders, etc.) and requiring the use of such, which in any case will not harm them, and even will not need to stop their work.
  • Environmental conditions and status of devices monitoring - will help us control over all the installations and data center systems, and on the conditions prevailing in the interior by quickly informing about the occurrence of such events too high a temperature, water leakage, failure of the UPS, burglary, smoke detection.

In data center also important are issues of construction and design, which also require a slightly different perspective on the project. A large amount of IT equipment is a big weight. Fairly large dimensions of cabinets and appliances will require to ensure appropriately sized routes of communication. To this may be a raised floor system of technical and ceiling to improve air circulation. Data center's installations and systems must be properly positioned, configured and connected to each other, which requires the project team a good rip and to ensure coordination of work by a person experienced in the specific solutions used in data centers.

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