About this blog

I decided to create this blog and lead it to be able to share with others my experiences and knowledge that I acquire in practice, and that was seeking - especially in English-language sources (web portals, recommendations, and "white papers" manufacturers and organizations from the data center). My goal is not the translation of news related to foreign market unless they have a practical value, helpful when designing, building or maintaining server rooms and data centers or show unusual approach, perhaps setting new standards. I care about the transmission of interesting and useful knowledge, which lacks in the Polish Internet. I also secretly hope that it will contribute even a little to sort out issues related to the subject of the data center, because many terms and concepts is now improperly applied even by practitioners.

The moste important certyficates I have:

Certified Data Centre Specialist - CDCS
Certyfikowany Specjalista Data Center

Certified Data Centre Professional -CDCP

Certyfikowany Profesjonalista Data Center