Data center building

Data center building / execution or computer room building / execution is a representation in the reality works covered by the project documentation. It may rely on both the implementation of new facilities and reconstruction or renovation of existing buildings or rooms. It can and should be initiated only in case of made before data center project - depending on the needs of the construction or just the executive.

Budowa serwerowni może wiązać się z konieczność zmiany układu istniejących pomieszczeń
Computer room building may be associated with the need to change the existing premises.

Data center building is always connected with the necessity to perform a number of construction and installation, and is often a major challenge for the investor. The whole process and the earlier contractor selection procedure is not the easiest task, and here plays an important role experience of the person coordinating whole data cenet building process. Sometimes, the task falls on the shoulders of the employee responsible for the company's IT infrastructure, which could previously not have to deal with this type of challenge.

The implementation of all construction projects must be in accordance with applicable law (Building Law and its implementing regulations) and often requires the opinion, agreement and administrative permits (eg building permit). The whole data center building process must be based on proper implementation of the requirements of the project and the participation of the supervisors, authorized to perform technical functions in the construction industry. If you need to obtain a building permit, the commencement of works should wait until it becomes final, and during their performance of construction manager is required to keep a construction logbook.

The scope of work and specifications of the materials used and the devices have already been specified in the bill of quantities making it a well-known for a contractor (it depends of course on the quality of the project). A large number of installations included in the the data center makes great importance that the contractor has experience in this type of investment, therefore its appropriate selection is essential.

Budowa serwerowni - przykład montażu podniesionej podłogi technicznej
Data center building - example of raised floor installation.

In the construction phase of the data center are involved a number of people with appropriate training, knowledge, competences and experience managers, engineers, installers and technicians. All construction work in accordance with the requirements of the Building Code should be supervised by a person with the power to exercise independent technical functions in construction (construction manager, works managers, etc.).

In order to improve communication and cooperation with the investor all the work should be coordinated and managed by a manager, supervisor or project coordinator (names contractual) with experience in both the construction and design of data center and its maintenance. This approach ensures the best possible representation in fact the investor's requirements explicit in the earlier stages of project preparation.

A good first step before the construction of the data center may be to provide a support of an experienced person in this field, which will help prepare the entire investment, ensure the accuracy and completeness and correctness of the projects planned solutions accordingly examine the offer contractors and will support decision-making that will result in progress .

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