Stages of data center building

Here are the moste frequently used (depending on the specific case) stages of data center building. They are divided into four main phasesprogram.

XPLANE Culture Map
dgray_xplane / Foter / CC BY-ND
  • Audit needs.
  • Inventory of existing IT infrastructure.
  • Concept / functional and utilitarian.

II. Design.

  • Building project.
  • Obtaining a building permitions - required by law.
  • Detailed design.

III. Execution.

  • Construction.
  • As-built documentation.

IV. Facility management.

  • Service and maintenance.

Each time the validity of the indicated phases and steps should be examined case by case. Unnecessary will be for example in case of a small investment, where there is no need to obtain a building permit, the execution of the construction project and obtaining administrative permits.

The time required for the implementation process computer room or data center from the start of preparation for design work, through design up to the start of the object can be, depending on the scale and having to wait for the necessary reviews and permissions from several to tens of months.


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