Data center maintenance

Data center maintenance is the next and longest stage after the design, construction and start object. System and installation service is needed to ensure full efficiency and reliability of the data center. In practice, this is done by periodically reviewing and checking components or entire systems in order to verify the correctness of their actions.

Regular data center maintenance is a guarantee of peaceful work and ...peaceful sleep.

All elements of the data center, after its construction, are covered by the manufacturer's warranty for a period of time, such as two years. However, the validity of the guarantee may be necessary to undertake periodic services equipment or whole installations. Such reviews are intended to investigate the accuracy of the system and replacement of consumables (eg air filters). The manufacturer of equipment refuse warranty coverage if the faulty system or equipment have not been reviewed by an authorized service unit.

All of this is to keep data center in such a state in order to eliminate the possibility of most situations in which the failure of any component of the system would lead to disorders of whole data center. Periodic checking of systems and devices provide the ability to detect early symptoms of probable failures and eliminate the possibility of its occurrence. Hence, it is important that such activities are carried out at specific intervals throughout the life of the data center.

Who should carry out such activities?

As I previously mentioned, during the warranty period for sure an authorized service unit. In general, it comes down to the fact that the company that was the general contractor of the data center also provides a service (paid separately) maintenance and servicing facility for the warranty period. Due to the large number of installations and systems, we should also have such a complex task of this type after that period. . Definitely this will facilitate maintenance management data center, and the weight of each inspection organization falls on one contractor.

Another issue is the reaction to failures, and the appropriate level of SLA (Service Level Agreement), which will determine impassable times in which service company will proceed to repair the defect or malfunction and at what time to fix it.

In summary, the provision of periodic preventive maintenance of installed systems and equipment in data center and computer room is an essential element of lifting, and perhaps even providing any level of reliability of the entire facility.

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