The investment area for the construction of a data center near Wroclaw Poland


To lease or purchase a great investment area for the construction of a data center in Poland, near Wroclaw. The following content is illustrative. Plot of land for the purpose of description called DCArea.

Basic parameters

1. Internet link

The area referred to is in a very favorable location in terms of access to high-performance, fiber optic internet links several operators - TK Telekom, HAWE, TP SA. TK Telekom and HAWE offers in this location connecting to the fiber links based on DWDM technology, so network bandwidth is very high. In the area there was at least one fiber optic network of another operator, but connectivity has not yet been checked.

  • TK Telekom


  • HAWE

The diagram below shows part of the network already existing (red color), which is part of the implementation of the (yellow).

hawe2. Power

Requested conditions of connection to the two electricity suppliers - EnergiaPro and PKP Power Engineering. They checked the conditions of connection of reserve power of 1MW each. EnergiaPro - the current supplier of energy to the location PKP Energy - a network running around the area.

 3. Area


The location is located in Oborniki Śląskie in Lower Silesia with a population of 8 thousand inhabitants. Oborniki Slaskie has 17.50 thousand inhabitants.

Detailed location indicated below the posted graphics - map's location on a map.


Location within the municipality indicates the graphics below.



The area is located near the route No. 340 Trzebnica - Wolow, just 25 km from Wroclaw.


Property in accordance with the Local flammable Spatial Development is designated as U \ P / 1. Extract from the local development plan are attached as Annexes 3.





Currently, the property is undeveloped.


The area proposed site - about 12 thousand m2. Easy access. The planned ring road near the housing estate. The possibility of development of a large number of car parks. The area is armed with gas, water, electricity (transformer station and line SN) and the sewage system.

Photo plot


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